Second Time Around

second time around


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NBA star Chase Alexander, with all of his success, never realizes his greatest failure... that is until the woman of his dreams crosses his path. After years of doctoring on her best friend when they were kids, Kendal Winters is now a neurosurgeon and married with children of her own. Recently realizing everything is not always fair in love and war, she must decide to make peace with her cheating husband or to get even—if not both.

Will Kendal and Jason succumb or succeed in marriage if failure is not an option, or will Chase remind her that any love which starts to fade didn't really exist in the first place? Can they stop what never ended decades ago, or will they begin what never really started the Second Time Around?




Sweet & Sour Series, Book One


Thanks @Donetta for faithfully reading from day one. I think you were my first Facebook page like/follow. Your reaction was dead on: “Why am I crying?” (Dallas)

Thanks @Elle for the feedback and outbursts of anger, sorrow, and laughter. Priceless comments: “Your book is unexpected. Not the usual telltale. I love it!” (South Africa)

Thanks @Sean for the transparency and kindred heart: “Brought me to tears. If only life was easy.”

Thanks @Fairytale for the kind words of encouragement: “You’ve truly captured the Rom-Com vibe, which I haven’t seen done well in a while. I like where you started things--in medias res--and look forward to hearing more backstory. I felt bad for the actual groom, but then I re-read your summary and decided he may just get what he deserves.” (New York)

Thanks @Rachael for the love and support: “Absolutely love this! Can’t wait to read more. You have me feeling all these emotions! I don’t know whether to cry for him or slap him silly!” (England)


Based on over 33,000 beta reads and voted best newcomer,  Second Time Around is for real people who want a thought-provoking, life-changing, Romantic Comedy,  literary experience. I’m writing for those who are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and newfound love. Who do you know ready to create a life inspired by their dreams? If that’s you,  take the first steps towards walking away from past mistakes and embracing your second chance. Order a copy today for yourself and the first person who came to mind when you read "real people who want a thought-provoking, life changing literary experience".

@StonyRhodes #LiteraryLemonadeLaunch Party
@StonyRhodes #LiteraryLemonadeLaunch Party

Collateral Beauty

collateral beauty


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Collateral Beauty is the blessing and the left-behind lesson that strengthens us for our purpose. This book is a compilation of stories of not just overcoming, but of learning during life’s most challenging situations. It takes you into the hearts of the co-authors, as they are transparent about losses in its many forms. The topics include: loss of self, loss of life, and loss of love.