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Not all relationships are created equal, so let's just start there. If God is concerned with every aspect of our lives, why do we believe He would leave marriage up to us based on personal preference? He wouldn't. Maybe that's why He put Adam to sleep. He didn't need his input.

Date on Purpose... Please! is the 24 page tell-all book I wish had been written when I was dating. It poses the idea that marriage is an accessory to some and speaks to the truth of what should really be happening during our dating season for others with the main idea being that for everyone God intended to be married, He also purposed someone specific for them to marry. Singles and couples alike are sure to end this book with a renewed sense of purpose and thought-provoking conversations. It can be read in less than an hour and includes a workbook. 


Supported by Genesis 24, what I call Finding Rebekah, Date on Purpose... Please! tells practical ways to identify:

  • If you're ready for marriage, 
  • If you're destined for marriage, and 
  • If you've found "the one" to marry.

This is a book that is a quick read with lasting results. If you're single and satisfied, affirm it here. If you're single and not satisfied, do the self-work and let's talk about it.  Either way, this is a must-read for anyone seriously seeking romantic fulfillment, so why not start to Date on Purpose... Please?