The EXpectation! Singles Workbook

Walk a mile in your own shoes...

We believe for every person God set aside for marriage, He likewise ordained for you to marry a specific person to do life with—just like He set Rebekah aside for Isaac at the well. Isaac was Abraham's promised child, born unto him at over 100 yrs old. Ladies, are you willing to wait to be found? Fellas, how long are you willing to look? Think about it, and in the meantime let's be willing to put in the self-work? Ask yourself:

  • How well do I know myself right now?
  • How well do I know the person I'm most interested in?
  • What do I not know about him/her that I’m waiting to find out?
  • Why haven't I asked?
  • What have I not told him/her that they deserve to know?
  • Why haven't I told them yet?

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The EXpectation Singles Workbook will help you prepare to mentally and emotionally open up to yourself. If you haven't experienced the joys of loving you, then you are not ready to be loved by another, nor are you able to love them back.

The EXperience! Couples Workbook

...and then, walk another in your mate's.

Finding Rebekah (Genesis 24:14)

We believe a sole-mate is simply someone you have chosen to walk with: married, life partners, or otherwise. Whereas, a soulmate is someone we believe God set aside for you to do life with—just like he set Rebekah aside for Isaac at the well. 

To us, simply choosing to be with someone does not make them your mate. God alone chooses mates; we choose partners. And because we oftentimes choose wrong, the divorce rate is what it is after every business deal goes bad: business as usual. 

Let's be honest  with ourselves and admit that maybe we got it wrong, maybe God really does know best, and trust Him alone to fix it. Any two people can decide to stay together. Let's be sure it's for the right reasons. Ask yourself:

  • If I could be with anyone in the world, would I still choose my mate? 
  • Why am I with him/her now?
  • If I could change one thing about myself, what would I change?
  • If I could change one thing about him/her, what would it be?
  • Am I willing do the work I know I need to do in order to be a better me?
  • Will I still accept him/her if they are not willing, or are unable, to change?

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The EXperience Couples Workbook is designed to help couples assess and communicate their individual needs. This is not a couples experience; it is simplyan experience for couples. 

Many times married people do so much together, they have already lost themselves before they realize it. This is a "find yourself" experience for couples. Wherever it leads you, let it leave you better.

EXcellent Resources

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Michael & Zandra Rutledge from Marriage Untamed

Michael & Zandra Rutledge from Marriage Untamed offer couples counseling and individual coaching.

Marriage/Life enrichment boot camp

Jim Carroll & Elizabeth Carroll from Marriage Boot Camp

As a survivor of the March 2019 Life Enrichment Boot Camp, I can't think of a better resource to share with individuals and/or couples who feel stuck. This experience changed my life, and I was a witness to chains being broken in the lives of others, first-hand, as well. 

warrior wives club

Michelle Stimpson Best-selling Author and founder of Warrior Wives Club

Best-selling Author Michelle Stimpson appeared on With the EXes! on 02/18/19 to discuss the Art of Communication. She shared from her 25+ years' marriage experience and engaged in a healthy conversation of how two people can survive their marriage bottoming out in order to rebuild it.

Envision Boards by Sandi


Sandi D. Johnson appeared on With the EXes! for In-laws and Outlaws (Vision & Values). She brought to life the vision board experience for couples.

A Deeper Dive With the EXes!

Coming soon: What's in your box?

For only serious people who want to grow, period—married or single.

Have you ever picked up a pot only to realize it's super-hot? That pot could be the difference between your marriage and your next mess. A responsible person will always look for the best possible outcome before taking action; to make a bigger mess isn't an option. 

Many people have been burned many-a-times—literally and figuratively—because, to them, where there's a will, there is also a way. In relationships some people decide to just let go while the other person is still holding on with soon-to-be blistered fingertips of crying children, unpaid bills, symptoms of anxiety and depression... the list could go on. This is an opportunity to learn what role you play and why. Until then, hold onto the pot at all costs. When it's safe, carefully put it down. Making a mess of other people's lives, and leaving them to pick up the pieces, isn't an option. You hold on together, or you let go together, but you do it at all costs—together. Then you either enjoy it, or you clean it up—together. Don't be afraid to talk about it.