"One divorced him; the other married him. Let's just see what happens."

We invite you to join us, as With the EXes! is committed to being the safe place to start the hard conversations in life and in love. 

Champagne & Shades with Stony

The unfiltered, captivating, and witty Stony Rhodes...

Be part of the live action. Let's talk about what's popping every Monday. Raise your glasses, and drop in with some nuggets, pick up some gems, and share the love as we attempt to get the right people in the right relationships, or get people right in the relationships they're in. Cheers!

RADIO TALK SHOW HOST & International Award-Winning Author @StonyRhodes

Something Moore with LaKenya


Here's to Ariana Grande with "Thank U, Next." 

You win some; you lose some; and others you just let go. 'Tis the season for Something Moore, when life forces you to grow.

RADIO TALK SHOW CO-HOST & Blogger @LaKenyaMoore

The Relationship Realists


With the EXes! was birthed to give people a safe place to ask the hard questions plaguing relationships. Join us as we write our own stories, chart our own paths, and reclaim our own lives.  The show features topical conversations on love and relationships, and why we often choose Mr. or Mrs. Wrong in our search for Mr. and Mrs. Right. Tune in, and let's talk about it!

The Sole to Soulmate EXperience


Getting to the bottom of why we sometimes settle for marrying who we want and then get upset when it doesn't work out, as opposed to marrying who God intended and staying together out of love and not necessity, is hard work. But, numbers don't lie. Tune in for the results, and let's discuss how we can do a better job of transitioning from walking alone (sometimes even in marriage) to walking together in life and in love, full of laughter... 'til death do us part. 

Online Gems


Who doesn't love a surprise? Want to meet The EXpectation, or share in The EXperience?  Click "Engage Us Now" for free downloads. Use these resources to your advantage to gauge your personal development and the growth potential of your romantic interest. Remember, if you grow in love, you will stay afloat; however, if you fall in love, you will only hurt yourself. Because, as Michael Rutledge says, "Who falls on purpose? Nobody but a clown." So, do the work and don't become one. Don't fall; grow.

"I Do, I Don't"


Shhh... The word is out. Listeners are talking about With the EXes! Talk Radio Show. Do you, or don't you, agree with what they're saying about relationships? Check here for the latest reviews, and send us an e-mail to leave your own.

"I've watched the first episode, and I was entertained and intrigued at the same time. You all did an amazing job. This is huge and very necessary. It's also very, very relevant."  ~Drake, Hawaii

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