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The talker: my mom calls me shaunie

Shaundale Rénā is an Amazon bestselling non-fiction writer who resides in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex with her family and enjoys reading (anything), writing (anytime), and traveling (anywhere). A professional by day and an artist by night, she balances both worlds by watching all things Marvel and DC―hence the persona.  According to her mother, "The only way to get her to be quiet was to take a book everywhere."



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the thinker: My network calls me stony

Stony Rhodes is an international award-winning fiction writer and a radio personality on With the EXes! Talk Radio Show in Arlington, Texas. She seeks to empower those in transition through colorful stories of desperation and contempt, many of which she’s lived through herself. 

Basically, she got tired one day. Shaundale was done. She knew if she was going to live the life she'd dreamed of as a child, she was going to have to let some things (and some people) go. She  just didn't know that would include herself. According to her, "I'm a talker... naturally. I'm also a writer... naturally. Stony just works. She is everything Shaundale is not. She gives me life." 



Shaundale Rénā... Entrepreneur, Author and Editor

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The journey begins now. Join me if you dare to be enlightened, encouraged, and entertained. ~Stony


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Editing & Coaching Services

author Kevin daley

Kevin Daley's 1 Plus One = Ten Book

"My experience working with Shaundale was very pleasant. She works well under pressure and kept me on schedule for my publishing deadline. I have additional projects that I’m working on, and I will be sure to keep in touch with her as I move forward." Kevin Daley, retired member of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters, award-winning author, and speaker. 

author kiwani Murray

Author Kiwani Murray's book, "My Pieces, His Masterpiece."

"It's not often you find an editor whose professionalism allows her to do her job with excellence, but whose compassion also allows her to see and hear your story with her heart.  Mrs. Johnson's expertise in her field was demonstrated in her ability to help me bring my story to life.  She was knowledgeable of language patterns and able to recognize where changes needed to be made.  Mrs. Johnson very carefully and lovingly reconstructed my story without changing it, and for that I am grateful.  It was a pleasure working with her, and I will definitely be working with her again in the near future." Kiwani Murray, Co-Founder Love Yourself, Love Your Sister-Friends (LYLYS)

author Kenneth smith, jr.

Author Kennith Smith, Jr.'s  book, "10 Things You Need to Know Before You Turn 18".

"Working with Shaundale has been an EXCELLENT experience. For every project that she has done work for me on, she has done an excellent job for a very affordable price within a timely manner. I will always go to her when I need editing for any project in the future. Not only does she do her job well, but she also has great engagement/communication with you. If you ever need editing, Shaundale is your go-to person!" Kenneth Smith, Jr., CEO, Getting Established 

Author-publisher dr. sherrie walton

POWER Single Moms by Dr. Sherrie Walton

Dr. Sherrie Walton is an author-publisher who travels around the world empowering, connecting, and restoring the lives of women with her message: You Can... You Will... Now, Go Be Fearless.  

author-publisher sandi d. johnson


"I would highly recommend Shaundale as an editor. She edited my book My Story, My Journey: Collateral Beauty and did and awesome job. Additionally, the manuscript was returned on the date promised." Sandi D. Johnson, Vision Coach, EnVision You

author jeanetta Thomas


"It was a pleasure to work with Shaundale. Given a short notice, she did an excellent job editing and formatting my book. She instantly caught on to my style/personality, which improved the flow of my book. I had a reader say it flowed so well, they felt like I was there reading it to them. Shaundale took what started as a stressed situation to meet a deadline to an enjoyable, relaxed experience.  I truly enjoyed working with her." Jeanetta Thomas, CEO iEsteem

Service Details

The Winner's editor

I've had multiple clients say, "You found all that? But, I had it edited." I smile and think to myself, no... you had it proofread.

All manuscripts are edited with the following standard specifications:

  • 8.5 X 11 page size;
  • 12pt font size;
  • 1.5 line spacing; and, 
  • Times New Romans lettering style.

Line Editing

Line Editing focuses on writing style, creativity of content, and the use of language. It is not proofreading; it checks for readability, fluidity, clarity, and ease but also eliminates:


· Overused words;

· Repetition of the same information;

· Run-on lines, sentences, or phrases;

· Lack of clarity; and,

· Diction and tone.


Copyediting ensures that the content appears to the readers as per industry standards. It includes proofreading and other detailed editing aspects that typically look out for the following defects and other loopholes, such as:

· Wrong grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling;

· Inconsistencies in hyphenation, spelling, capitalization, numerals, spacing, and fonts; and,

· Various other concerns and/or inconsistencies.

book formatting

Formatting consists of book industry standards and aesthetics for design and layout. It typically encompasses a variety of author/publisher preferences, intertwined with the formatter's typesetting, skill sets, and style to include:

· Proper headers and footers;

· Fonts and spacing;

· Table of Contents (non-fiction); and, 

· Paragraph structure.

Coaching & consulting

Everyone has a story, so let me help you tell it. As an avid reader, and a veteran writer and editor, it is my goal to help you navigate the writing and publishing process in order to share your story with me and the rest of the world.  Let me show you the ins and the outs... from Pen to Print and/or from Ink to Income.

Please note: Ghostwriting is done on a case-by-case basis, and in order to maintain an intentional level of integrity, I do not accept fiction manuscripts due to a personal conflict of interest. 

How do I get started? 

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What kind of editing do I need?

Editing is a layered process. You will need basic proofreading; you will also need detailed, structured, and/or developmental editing, as well as line or copyediting. Because you will need it all, I personally prefer to dual edit. I can't separate; it's how I'm wired. Therefore, you will receive 4-tier editing that includes:

  • Word-Level Editing (Proofreading);
  • Sentence-Level Editing (Line Editing);
  • Paragraph-Level Editing (Copyediting); and,
  • "Big Picture" Editing (Developmental).

What is formatting?

Formatting is the design and layout of your interior book pages. It is the attention to detail needed to give you the best finished product.