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Shaundale Rénā is an Amazon bestselling non-fiction writer who resides in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex with her family and enjoys reading (anything), writing (anytime), and traveling (anywhere). A professional by day and an artist by night, she balances both worlds by watching all things Marvel and DC―hence the persona.  According to her mother, "The only way to get her to be quiet was to take a book everywhere."



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the thinker: My network calls me stony

Stony Rhodes is an international award-winning fiction writer and a radio personality on With the EXes! Talk Radio Show in Arlington, Texas. She seeks to empower those in transition through colorful stories of desperation and contempt, many of which she’s lived through herself. 

Basically, she got tired one day. Shaundale was done. She knew if she was going to live the life she'd dreamed of as a child, she was going to have to let some things (and some people) go. She  just didn't know that would include herself. According to her, "I'm a talker... naturally. I'm also a writer... naturally. Stony just works. She is everything Shaundale is not. She gives me life." 



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The journey begins now. Join me if you dare to be enlightened, encouraged, and entertained. ~Stony


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