What Listeners Are Saying

Stacy, Georgia

"It's very thought-provoking and gives a different perspective on relationships. I'm glad the point was made that either soul/sole mate relationships are okay. Everyone is entitled to define what is best for them."

Tracy, Texas

"This show is great! The show is informative and makes you think and ask [yourself] questions. I will be listening again and again."

Rhonda, Texas

"Funny and thought-provoking dialogue, sprinkled with transparency. A must-watch [on Facebook Live] for those who want to participate in real-talk, and ultimately hear what captures God's heart."


"You guys did a great job! Can't wait for the next one."

Terrance, Texas

"Listening to With the EXes! was pleasant. You guys don't talk over each other; seems like y'all have been doing this awhile."

Devin, Georgia

"As a single Black male, I thoroughly enjoyed the radio show. I believe this show can be life-changing; two Black women coming together and spreading knowledge to the world is amazing!"

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